The Honey Bee Outing

Visit the Wonderful World of the Honeybee

Where Learning Is Fun


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How do honeybees affect our everyday lives and what parts do they play in the food chain?

  • A puppet play tells a fun story about bees and bee hives.
  • Finger puppets teach about life inside a beehive.
  • Optional: A 10-minute video about a beekeeper that catches a swarm of bees is
  • Discovery and dressing up rooms for more learning and experience.

Live honeybees can be observed through the glass of an observation hive.

Honey tasting: did you know that different honey comes from different flowers?

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Honeybee Educational Center

The Program runs from 1 – 1 ½ hours (depending on size of group)

Teacher’s Follow-Up Package

Children’s worksheet & a bottle of honey for class tasting

For current prices and to make a booking please call Soraya on 021 511 4567

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