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“Beekeeping is a Honey of a Hobby”


The Honeybee Foundation offers

One day Course in Beekeeping

The workshop covers every aspect of beekeeping: Behavior of bees, honeybee biology, health and safety of bees and the public, clothing and tools.

Facilitators : Jenny & Dominique Marchand

Jenny and Dominic Marchand’s mission is to encourage and empower people to understand the magical harmony and astonishing order of the indispensable bee. Keeping an urban hive in one’s garden is easier (and safer!) than most of us realize, and for relatively little outlay, the rewards are beyond measure.

Jenny & Dom

For more information and dates of workshop

contact :+ 27 (0)21 511 4567 or honeybeecapetown@gmail.com

Venue : Oude Molen Eco Village, Alexandra Rd, Cape Town – entrance opposite Pinelands Station


South Africa is home to two sub-species of honeybees. Apis mellifera (A.m.) scuttelata, the African bee, also known as ‘the killer bee’, and the world-renowned A.m. capensis, our very own Cape honeybee, only to be found here in the Western Cape. Our honey bee is unique: the unfertilised laying workers have the ability to lay fertilized eggs, without having been mated, and thus reproduce a queen bee.

Some photos of courses in the past

bee course new


A wild colony of bees in tyres The wild colony in the tyre was very crowded. The propolis which the bees had used to “glue” the tyres together is clearly visible on the outside of the tyre.

Liquid gold: a new honeycomb was being freshly sealed with beeswax.

Dominic removing a   wild colony in  tyres. The contraption in his left hand is the smoker which is used to pacify the bees before attempting the task.

 Honeybee Foundation & Products

Specializing in Beekeeping products and Bee removals

The Honeybee Foundation & Products has its shop in Parow Road, Maitland, Cape Town 

Tel: 021 511 4567

street image honey bee

maitland map honey bee


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