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Greetings to all visitors to the Honeybee Edu Outings website

We have run our children’s educational outings for many years, in fact from 1989 when a school teacher phoned to ask if she could bring her class to the ‘bee place’.  We had to pull something out of the hat! Theater! That was the answer, to give children the experience of enchanting, old fashioned traditional puppet theater.

These days we have an earthworm outing as well, with its own dedicated puppet theater story and activities.

The result of that innocent request is that our highly experienced performer/educators now  weave enchanting tales full of fun facts and different ways of seeing everyday things that leave learners more informed, more observant, more curious and more interested in the world around them. And best of all it’s so fun it won’t feel like learning at all!

Our programs fit into the schools syllabus in:

 Natural & Social Sciences
Arts & Culture
Language Life
Creepy Crawlies & Bees
Social Sciences
Life Orientation
Economic Cycle

These outings have for many years been helping foundation phase learners come to grips with learning about our environment. They are designed to put a love and understanding of nature and its wonders into the harts and minds of children.

Jenny Marchand is the founder and creator of the outings and has great experience and love for what she does.

Her own training comes from a background in drama and the arts. With a list of achievements from directing the Children’s play the ”Golden Ring” to being the Chairman for Unimar. She received personal training from Estelle Bryer, a well known puppeteer and graduated at the Maas Philips Academy, Cape Town in the early 1980’s. Her passion is environmental education and enabling young children to connect, in a personal way, with the wonders of nature.

These outings sprung from a beekeeping business, Honeybee Foundation & Products, run by the Marchands for over 30 years.

The 1st Honeybee outing started in 1989 and the Willie Earthworm outing started in 1999.

The Honeybee Foundation & Products is also known for its adult beekeeping education workshops see more info on the Honeybee Foundation & P page.

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